Q.Is it possible to ask for a session with a designated tutor beforehand?
A.We are sorry but it is not possible.
Q.As an international student, I find it hard to prepare papers in Japanese. Is it possible to askfor a session with the language checking of Japanese?
A.A Japanese language support is provided for the international students as long as it is for general courses. The AWC is not allowed to correct students’ Japanese language if it is for a Japanese class.
Q.As a faculty of the university, is it possible to ask for a native-level language checking?
A.We are sorry but it is not possible since the service at the AWC is only for the students.
Q.Is it possible to check the grammars of papers?

A.Yes, we deal with the grammars regarding papers both in Japanese and English. However, here we basically focus onthe following support, rather than editing/native-level language checking:

  • Brainstorm for ideas
  • Structures and main points
  • Development of argument
  • Revision
  • Clarity
Q.I cannot make an appointment via the web site.
A.Please feel free to visit the writing center if you find it difficult to reserve a session online. You can make an appointment in person and also learn how to use the online reservation system.
Q.At each session, how much amount of writing support can a student receive?
A.One session is for 45 minutes. Due to the time constraint, anamount of possible support is limited, approximately 2000 Japanese letters. That means one or two pages-long of A4 size paper. After the careful discussions among the tutors and senior colleagues, each session prioritizes the most important part of the writing support in accordance with every student’s need.
Q.How much does it cost for a session at the Academic Writing Center?
A.Tutoring sessions are free of charge.