Greetings from the Director

April 2019


Aoyama Gakuin University (AGU) opened its Academic Writing Center (AWC) in 2017.

Ever since, the AWC has maintained a high number of users.

Through one-on-one tutoring sessions, the AWC provides students with the support they need to produce academic reports and manuscripts. Our goal is to help students acquire the writing skills necessary to conduct scholarly activities and engage in society after graduation.

Many courses at the university are unable to spend enough time on academic writing instruction. As a result, some students find it difficult to write reports for their classes. Thus, the AWC has been established to support students through the process of academic writing.

The AWC offers guidance and consultation for reports and manuscripts written in English and Japanese. All AGU students are welcome—from undergraduates to doctoral students, as well as international students. We have tutors (graduate students) who speak foreign language(s) and Japanese. We hope to see many students visiting the AWC to improve their academic writing skills.

We truly appreciate the kind understanding and cooperation of everyone involved in the founding and development of the AWC.


Toshihiko Nozue                                            Director, the AWC
Director, the University Library 
Professor, Department of Education