2021 AWC opens from today and starts sessions

2021 AWC opens from today and starts session

April 19, 2021, Tokyo, Japan —- Aoyama Gakuin University Academic Writing Center (AWC) opens from today, Monday, April 19, 2021, this morning for this academic year and starts sessions of academic writing support for students and graduate students by tutors.

The office hours of both Aoyama campus AWC and Sagamihara campus AWC are 11:00 – 18:00 from Monday to Friday (also holidays if the days have classes) .

At the university campus, some students are studying with their laptop on the desks outside thanks to the nice weather and temperature of these days.

When a session is provided, started from today, each erea for the session has a new air conditioner running carmly for the prevension of Covid19.

We ask students and graduate students at AWC to bring their manuscripts with them and also bring their own pens just in case of taking memos dusing sessions for the prevention, too.

In order for the convenience and safety of the students and graduate students, we continue to set up the environment of the academic writing center in as much as proper ways to meet the government’s and the University’s request and policy of Covid-19 prevention.