Aoyama Gakuin University Library & Women’s Junior College Library

Database Search

About list

1 Name of database
Authentication page will appear when on clicking. Enter your ID/Password.

2 Access limit

Aoyama Aoyama Campus only
Sagamihara Sagamihara Campus only
College Inside the campus only


3 Access environment

Internet PC connected to Internet
Deputy research Librarian will research at Reference Counter
PCs for database search Available on each library in each campus


4 Off campus access

Off campus VPN connection Off campus access is available via SSL-VPN
Off campus ID/LDA Authentication Off campus access is available by entering ID and LDAP Password
On campus access Access with PCs available on the campus or PCs connected to information outlet
Free Public site


5 Number of users with concurrent access

Accepts 20 (number) users at once: Log out is required when you finish database search due to
the limit on concurrent access