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Access to other university libraries

Aoyama Gakuin University has entered into affiliated inter-library agreement with the following universities and institutions.

Yamanote Line Private University Library Consortium

The consortium is a library association of eight universities located along the JR Yamanote Line. Interlibrary access is available by presenting the respective university ID (students and staff).For borrowing books, please refer to general information and borrowing conditions of the respective university.

General information for affiliated libraries (in Japanese only)

□ Gakushuin University (University library/Legal and economics center)
□ Kokugakuin University (Shibuya/Tama Plaza)
□ Toyo University (Hakusan/Asaka/Kawagoe/Itakura)
□ Housei University (Ichigaya /Koganei/Tama)
□ Meiji University(Central/Izumi /Ikuta/Nakano)(in English)
□ Meiji Gakuinn University (Sirokane/Yokohama)
□ Rikkyo University(Ikebukuro/Niiza )

Cross Search (in Japanese only)
Retrieve placing a hold in each library

Open library schedule of all libraries (in Japanese only)

Requirements of all affiliated universities (in Japanese only)

Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing

Reading privileges and photocopy services are available

□Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing (in Japanese only)

Jissen Women’s University

Reading privileges and photocopy services are available

□Jissen Women’s University (in Japanese only)

United Nations University Library

Reading and borrowing privileges are available.
Ask to borrow the United Nations access card at Aoyama Main Library.
Borrowing limits: 5 loan books for a month

Member university libraries of Kanagawa Library Association  *Sagamihara campus only

Staff and students belonging to the faculties in Sagamihara campus are entitled to reading privileges and photocopy service in the university libraries affiliated with the council.

To use the libralies you must carry the Kanagawa Common University Library Card.
Please apply at the main counter on the first floor in Mandai Memorial Library (Sagamihara campus).