Aoyama Gakuin University Library & Women’s Junior College Library

User guide

General information

Eligibility for access

University students
College students
University teaching staffs
Persons permitted by the Director of the Library

Opening hours (during the term in session)

  Main Building
(Aoyama Campus)
Mandai Memorial Library
(Sagamihara campus)
Monday-Friday 9:00-21:40 9:00-20:00
Saturday 9:00-21:00 9:00-16:00
Sunday 12:00-19:00 closed

Days Closed

Public holidays, Holiday designated by the university, Certain durations during long holidays such as summer holidays
Sunday(Sagamihara campus only)
*The library schedule may change during long holidays.Please check the closing date and opening hours on the notice board or Homepage > Library Calendar.

Entering the library

The automated entrance system with Integrated Circuit (IC) card is used for entering into the library.
You need the university ID or the Library Membership Card to enter the library.
Enter from the automated entrance gate at the main entrance with the university ID (either the student card or the teaching staff card) or the Library Membership Card.
Those who do not have the card have to apply for the entrance procedure.

Reading privileges

Access to books in open stack shelves is free.
Please return books to the Book Return Counter after reading.
To utilize the materials in the stack shelves of the Aoyama Gakuin University Main Library, apply to the First Floor Circulation Counter.
You can retrieve the materials from the automated stack room in the basement via AUROA-OPAC and receive them at each floor.


Present your borrowed books, your student ID card or the Library Membership Card at the first floor counter.
*The student ID card or the Library Membership Card are indispensable for borrowing.
Users having overdue items or those who are not permitted to borrow due to their penalties cannot borrow books.

Loan limits

  Number of items Loan period Renewal
1-2 year students 7 2 weeks 2 weeks for 1 renewal
3-4 year students 10 1 month 2 weeks for 1 renewal
Graduate school students 20 2 month 2 weeks for 1 renewal
Fulltime teaching positions/Professors 50 3 month 2 weeks for 1 renewal
Fulltime staff 20 2 month 2 weeks for 1 renewal
Part time lecturer 20 3 month 2 weeks for 1 renewal
College students 5 2 weeks 2 weeks for 1 renewal

For the Graduates

The university graduates can access the library.
Refer to the Graduates/external users
*The graduates of the Women’s Junior College with the college Library Membership Card are entitled to readers’ privileges.

Items not available for check-out

-Reference books
-Reserved books
-Master theses and doctoral theses
-Valuable books
-Materials on microfilms
-Reference materials borrowed from other buildings, faculties, and research laboratories.


You must return the borrowed items by their due date.
Book post next to the entrance in the first floor is open when the library is closed.


You must return the borrowed items by their due date. Failure to do so will incur a penalty: Your borrowing privileges will be suspended by as many days as you do not return the item beyond its due date.


You must apply for renewal before your due date via My Library.
One renewal allows an additional two weeks from the date of renewal. Maximum five renewals are possible if no hold by other users is requested.
You need the borrowed item and the campus card or the Library Membership Card for renewal at the counter.

Placing on hold

You can place holds on items which areplace items that are currently on loan on hold.
You can place ona hold via AUROA-APAC in My Library.
Retrieve the item you need and show its detailed information page. Please click on the “Holds on” icon you will find there.
When your requested item returns, you will be notified by e-mail.

Material-order across the campuses

You can use the library materials across the campuses.
You must apply via AURORA-OPAC in My Library or fill the request form at the counter.
When your requested item arrives, you will be notified by email.

○Receiving time (usual terms in semester)

Campus to hold items Place to receive items Date to apply Arrival date
Aoyama/Junior College Sagamihara Monday to Friday
until 8:00
On the day 13:00
    Monday to Thursday
After 8:00
Next day 13:00
    Friday after 8:00
Saturday to Sunday
Monday 13:00
Sagamihara Aoyama Monday to Friday
until 12:30
On the day 17:00
    Monday to Thursday
After 12:30
Next day 17:00
    Friday after 12:30
Saturday to Saturday
Monday 17:00

Registration and change of e-mail address

When your requested item arrives, you will be notified by email. Email accounts provided by the Information Media Center are registered for the university students and the graduate school students. You can register and change your e-mail address via My Library.

Notice about copying

Copying the library materials must be within the range permitted in Article 31 of the Copyright Act.

The range is as follows:

  1. The purpose of any copying has to be limited to research and studies.
  2. As for an article in the latest issue of a periodical, only up to half of it can be copied.
  3. However, all of the article can be copied after the next issue of the periodical has been published or after at least three months have passed since the current issue was published.
  4. Multiple copies of the same material are prohibited.
  5. Re-copying and distribution for profit are prohibited.

You have to make photocopies in compliance with the Japanese Copyright Act.
You cannot utilize the library photocopier other than for copying the library materials.

Cost for copying:
Black and white: 10 yen per page.
Full color: 40 yen per page.

【Aoyama Main Library】
First Floor: Coin operated type 4
Second and Third Floor: Coin operated type respective 1
Basement: Coin operated type 2
【Mandai Memorial Library (Sagamihara)】
First Floor: Prepaid type 1 Coin insert type 1
Second Floor: Xerox card for public expense 1  *Check with the counter on the second floor for color copying

Expected purchase request

You can apply for a purchase request via My Library or fill the form at counter.
The purchase will be determined by the library.
Graduates are not eligible to apply for this.
(For full-time teaching staff, please refer to the guidance provided by the university office)

Access to other campus libraries or the Women’s Junior College Library

You must present your campus card (or the Library Membership Card) to enter, to access and to borrow materials.
Opening hours are different for each campus. Please make sure that you check the respective library schedule.
University graduates are not entitled to borrow books from the Women’s Junior College Library.

Library Rules

-Remain quiet
  Many people study and read books.
  Please be aware that speaking loudly or making noise may disturb others.
  Please set your mobile phone to silent mode and use your mobile only where the library permits.

-Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited
  ,because bringing drinks and foods inside may cause spoil the library materials.
  Please keep your drinks with lids and put them in your bag.
  There is no smoking area inside the library.

-Value the library resources
  The library materials are the property of the library.
  You will be penalized if you damage or disfigure materials.
  Please handle the library resources carefully for future users.

-Sub lease is prohibited
  Please do not lease your borrowed book to others or borrow library items for others.
  Though your actions may stem from good intentions, it may cause trouble.

-Borrowing and lending the student ID is prohibited
  Never attempt to borrow or lend the student ID.
  You will be penalized if found doing so.

-Be careful to prevent theft
  Please do not leave your belongings when you leave your seat.
  You are responsible for your personal belongings.