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User guide

Use of each department and research laboratory


AOYAMA departments and research laboratory

Open schedule for each department and research laboratory (hereafter referred to as “RL”) may be different during the examination period and school holidays,so  please ensure that you check the HP.
The graduates not referred to in the list are requested to go to the library counter for accessing the materials in RLs.

→For details, please refer to this page.(in Japanese only)

→Open schedule during long vacations(in Japanese only)

-Holding collected works of individuals in certain areas.
-Prepared latest issue and previous issues of English literature, English language work and communication.
-Intended subjects are mainly the university teaching staff, graduate students, and students working on their graduation thesis

* This table is created in cooperation with all the faculties and the graduate school research laboratory

SAGAMIHARA departments and research laboratory

Laboratories of Faculty and Department/Lecture preparing room etc. (Updated: December 23, 2021)
For external users (from other universities and institutions)
– You have to come to the library counter with an introduction letter (issued by the institution to which you belong).
– As for the access, refer to the contact point in the library.
– Check the library schedule for periodical examinations and school holidays.

→For details, please refer to this page.