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Use of each department and research laboratory


AOYAMA departments and research laboratory

Open schedule for each department and research laboratory (hereafter referred to as “RL”) may be different during the examination period and school holidays,so  please ensure that you check the HP.
The graduates not referred to in the list are requested to go to the library counter for accessing the materials in RLs.

→Open schedule during long vacations(in Japanese only)

-Holding collected works of individuals in certain areas.
-Prepared latest issue and previous issues of English literature, English language work and communication.
-Intended subjects are mainly the university teaching staff, graduate students, and students working on their graduation thesis

Name of Department Open hours
(closed 11:30-12:30)
Contents of items Loan time Intended subject and other information
※Photocopying is available only for RL materials
Souken Bldg.
(Bldg.14) Ninth Floor
Specialized in books for education.
Current Japanese Journals for education and western journals.
Number of Items:
・Monograph 2,300
・Japanese books 63 types
・Western books 58 types
3 books for 2 weeks -Graduates can use
-Copy service (paid)
Souken Bldg.
(Bldg.14) Seventh Floor

Specialized in psychological books and Japanese and Western journals for psychology. 
Graduate thesis and master thesis are available.
Number of Items:
・Monograph 3,800
・Japanese books 42
・Western books 60 types

3 books for 2 weeks -Graduates can use
-External users can use with reference
-Copy service (paid)
English Literature
Bldg.15 9F


-All Reference Books. 
(English and American Literature, English, Language, Communication)

No check-out -Graduates can use  (the Library Membership Card must be presented)
-External users can use with reference of belonging university
-Copy service (paid)
French Literature
Bldg.15 Eleventh Floor

Books in a variety of fields from the medieval period to the modern, important in literatures and languages.
Substantial types of journals and dictionaries are available. (reference books)
Mainly independent books in foreign languages.
Number of Items: 
・Books 30,000
・Western books 35 types

3 books for 4 weeks -Graduates can use
-Copy service (paid)
Japanese Literature
Souken Bldg.
(Bldg.14)Tenth Floor

Specialized in Japanese literature, Japanese language, journals and annals.
No check-out service for valued materials, reference books, journals and dictionaries.
Refer to Japanese Literature RL for other materials.
Number of Items:
・Japanese books 24,000
・Japanese Journals and Annals 270 types

2 books for a week -Graduates can use
-External users can browse with reference
-Copy service (paid)
Name of department Open hours
(closed 11:30-12:30)
Content of items Loan time Intended subject and other information
※Photocopying is available only for RL materials
Bldg.15 Twelfth Floor
Specialized fields in Japanese History, Western History, Study of Antiquities, History of Arts, dictionaries and journals.
Number of Items: 
・Japanese books 16,000
・Japanese Journlas 250 types
・Western books 5,000
・Western Journals 60 types
Applied the same rules as the Main Library.
Graduates, non-degree students and the university staff:
5 books for 2 weeks
-Graduates can use
-Copy service (paid)
-For borrowings, student card and the library membership card are required
-External users can user with reference of belonging university
Comparative Arts
Bldg.15 Thirteenth Floor

-DVDs for art, music, stage and the performing art in Japan, east and west.
-Especially stages related to Shakespeare and Japanese traditional art (Noh, Kyogen and Kabuki).
-Journals of arts in Japan and west. 
– No check-out for DVDs.
-To view the DVDs in the RL is permitted.
Number of Items:
・Books about 1,000(Japanese and Western)
・DVD about 500 titles
・Japanese Journals 9 types
・Western Journals 60 types

No check-out -Graduates can use
-External users can use with reference
-Copy service (paid)
-To view DVDs in the RL is permitted, but not carried in materials
Institute of Economics
Bldg.8 Sixth Floor
(till 17:00 during examination period)
Journals in Japan and west related economics and University annals (Thesis).
White pages Monthly report.
Number of Items:
・Japanese Journals 180 types
・Western Jopurnals 160 types
・University Annals 300 types
2 books for 2 weeks
Latest materials and reference materials are not available to check-out
-Graduates can use
(Must follow the opening hours)
-Copy service (paid)
Aoyama Law Square
(Law School RL)
Bldg.15 Seventh Floor

※Open also at lunch time
※Refer to the bulletin board for closing of lunch break, night and Saturday afternoon

–Mainly law reports (No Japanese books).
-Holding Journals are duplicated with the library but less missing back issues.
-Annals related to law study are in place.
-Open stack style.
-Mainly the teaching staffs and the graduate students have access to the materials.
-No check-out.
Materials can be taken out for copying.
Number of Items:
・Western books 12,000
・Japanese Journals 80 types 
・Western Journals 250 types
・University Annals 200 types
Western books only -Graduates can use
-Copy service (paid)

School of Business
Global Business Institution
Bldg.8 Sixth Floor


※Refer to the notice for open hours change

Holding journals related management, marketing, communication, accounting and commerce. 
Number of Items:
・Japanese Journals 57 types
・Western Journals 100 types
No check-out service -Graduates can use
-Copy service (paid)
-External users can use with reference

School of International Politics,
Economics and Communication
Bldg.8 Fifth Floor


Mainly holds journals on international politics, economy and communication.
Number of Items:
・Japanese Journals 13 types
・Western Jopurnals 140 types

 No check-out service
-Copy service(paid)
Department Open Hours
(closed 11:30-12:30)
Contents of items Loan time Intended subject and other information

Cultural and Creative Management
ACL Library
Bldg.3 First Floor


Number of Items:
・Japanese books 1,040
・Western books 3,240
・Japanese and Western Journals 25 types
・Audiovisual material 32 titles

3 books for 2 weeks -Copy service (paid)

Aoyama Business School
Bldg.17 Eleventh Floor

Journals related to international management, accounts and finance.
Number of Items:
・Western Journals 60 types
No check-out service -Copying in the RL is not available
-Copying on the 11floors is available for ABS students and the Faculty members
-Introduction users can browse and coty in the Library
Graduate School of  Professional Accountancy
Bldg.16, First Floor

Mainly journals related to accounting, audit, tax laws, and finance.
Only for the students and the teaching staff from the Graduate School of Accounting Profession.
No check-out service.
Graduate students can take photocopies in Bldg.16.
Number of Items:
・Books about 4,200
・Japanese Journals 54 types(Subscription 40 types, Looseleaf 14 types)
・Western Journals 27 types
・CD-ROM 14 sheets

No check-out -Not available for the Yamanote Consortium members and graduates
Physical Education RL
Memorial hall

Books related to health, physical education, and food.
Mainly university staffs access the materials.
Number of Items:
・Books 300

2 books for 2 weeks  
Christian Activities Center
Women’s Junior College

Majima Memorial Hall First Floor

As is the College Library

Wesley Books
Materials related to Methodism and Wesley brothers.
Users must present permission letter from the Center for Religion.
Reference letter is required.
Number of Items:
・Mainly Western books about 2,500

5 books for 2 weeks -Graduates can use
-Present the university library membership
-External users need reference and application form for use
-Copy service(Paid)
General Books
General books can be borrowed through the Center for Religion.
(Dictionaries and journals are available in the library, AV materials are available in the Majima Memorial Hall)
Number of Items:
・Books about 8,700
・Newspapers 6 types
・Japanese Journals 9 types
・Western Journals 9 types
・CD 400
・Visual software 300
Graduate students- 20 for 2 months

Students in the 3rd and 4th years-10 books for a month

The students in the 1st and 2nd year-5books for 2 weeks

Aoyama Gakuin Archives
 (Majima Memorial Hall Second Floor)
 Refer to Aoyama Gakuin Archives
Aoyama Gakuin Archives home page

Holding materials for Aoyama Gakuin form establishment, books for Christianity in Meiji-era,
books related to English literature in Meiji-era, materials related to the Methodists,
History of Christian principle school and History of Church.

Only browsing(Copying is available depending on the material condition) -Refer to the center for materials directly.


Graduate School of Social Informatics
Human Innovation Course
Bldg.8 Third Floor W30A



Graduation thesis

No-check out Available only for our members(faculty member, graduate student)

Law School
Law library
Bldg.17 Tenth Floor

Refer to the office directly

-Materials for the Law School students.

Only for the students and staff belonging to the Law School

-Basically available only for the students and staff belonging to the Law School.
-However there are exceptional cases which other undergraduate students can
only browse after completing the procedure of filling at the counter.

* This table is created in cooperation with all the faculties and the graduate school research laboratory

SAGAMIHARA departments and research laboratory

Laboratories of Faculty and Department/Lecture preparing room etc. (Updated: April 1, 2013)
For external users (from other universities and institutions)
– You have to come to the library counter with an introduction letter (issued by the institution to which you belong).
– As for the access, refer to the contact point in the library.
– Check the library schedule for periodical examinations and school holidays.

Sagamihara campus

Name/Location Open schedule Usage outline Loan limits
Data room
Building L Fifth Floor
(internal) 46268
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Lunch time 11:30-12:30
 Check-out available
(Some not available)
Same as the library
Faculty of Social Information
Joint laboratory

Building B Fifth Floor (B527)
(Internal: 46074)
Monday to Friday
(Lunch time 11:30-12:30)
Physical Exercise
Research Laboratory
(Building A Lecturer Room)

Building A Basement
(internal: 46014)
Monday to Friday
(Lunch time 11:30-12:30)
Check-out available
(Some not available)
5 books for 2 weeks
Religion Center
Building C First Floor
(internal: 41016)
Monday to Saturday (9:00-17:00)
(Lunch time 11:30-12:30)
Saturday (9:00-13:00)
(Lunch time 11:30-12:30)
Check-out available
Accept application for inter-library access 
with Aoyama Religion Center
Same as Aoyama Religion Center