Aoyama Gakuin University Library & Women’s Junior College Library

Database Search

Off-Campus Access

Off-Campus access to e-resources such as e-books, e-journals and databases are available as follows.


– Academic Staff (Full-time, Part-time)
– Administrative Staff (Full-time)
– Graduate Students
– Undergraduate Students ( including credited auditors and auditors)
– Women’s Junior College Students

*Accessibility of databases, e-journals and e-books varies depending on your membership.

How to Access

Members can use one of the following methods.

1) Access via the Library’s Website

1-1. Access via My Library

 Fill in your User ID and Password to log in “My Library”.
 Once you log in, you can automatically get full access to online journals, databases, and Discovery Service.
 Note: Some of our electronic resources restricted by license agreements cannot be accessed from off-campus.

1-2. Access via “Database” page

 Click the Tab menu “Database Search” on the top of the Library homepage and choose “Database”.
 Browse or search online journals and databases.
 You will be prompted to log in using your user ID after clicking journal or database titles.

2) SSL-VPN Service

SSL-VPN (Link to Information Media Center)

User ID and Password

  1. User ID is the same as login ID for AOYAMA-portal
    *Student number is invalid.
  2. User Password is LDAP password
    *PIN is invalid.
  3. If you do not know your ID and password, visit the following offices with your student ID card, staff ID card or any of your ID cards.
    *Any enquiries are not accepted by e-mail or phone..

  • Support Lounge at Information Media Center in Aoyama Campus (Building 2, 1F)
  • Support Lounge at Information Media Center in Sagamihara Campus (Building B, 4F)
  • Education and Media Operation Office of Women’s Junior College