Aoyama Gakuin University Library & Women’s Junior College Library



Utilize Group Study Room

Group study room (Third Floor)

The room is available for group workshops for assignments with more than three members using the library materials.
Booking is required and can be made a week ahead at the Auditory Counter on third floor.
Numbers of persons per room: minimum three persons to maximum twelve persons
Information outlet is available.

Learning common area (Second Floor)

This is an area for group study and research activities.
No booking is required.


Utilize auditory materials

Auditory materials are available in the Sagamihara campus library. You can retrieve the auditory materials from the Mandai Memorial Library, the AV library in the Aoyama campus, and the Women’s Junior College via AURORA-OPAC (online catalog) related to books and journals.
Due to the provisions of the Copyright Act, stricter usage restriction has been applied to some auditory materials:

Videos and DVDs you can use only in the library

You can view such materials when the university teaching staff gives permission to the students for teaching purposes. They can be provided by the library staff only on request. Requests by students are not accepted.

Two ways to apply
  1. When the teaching staff raise a request for teaching purpose in the lecture
  2. When students raise the request for self-study purpose with permission by the university teaching staff.


Application form is available at the Auditory Counter in the third floor library. Application by the students requires the signature of the university teaching staff.

* The students can view the material in the designated booth after asking at the Auditory Counter. The materials are available in the shelf for designated teaching materials.

Auditory materials of the Aoyama campus are available on the Sagamihara campus.

Please apply at the Auditory Counter on the third floor. To utilize the restricted materials under the provision of the Copyright Act, you need permission from the teaching staff.


Using PC

AURORA-OPAC terminal

The PC for AUROA-OPAC is available to the library users.
You can retrieve books by titles, authors, and keywords and check their location and loan status via the terminal. You can also request for taking out materials from the automated book stack room in the basement via the AURORA-OPAC terminal and the library PC connected to the Internet.
Basic services of MY Library are available as well.

PC for self-study

Using PC for self-study is restricted for study and research purposes.
Second Floor: Located beside the Reference Counter
Third Floor: PCs for self-study on the Third Floor are available for e-learning provided by the foreign language laboratory.
You can use the user name and password to log in to the terminals in the PC room.
Ensure that you log off when you leave your seat.


Printing stations are located on the second and third floors. Recharging funds on to your campus card beforehand is recommended.

Information outlet /Wi-Fi

Locations of information outlets
・Reading space beside the counters on the second and the third floors
Multipurpose area(Second Floor
Group study room(Third Floor

Locations of Wi-Fi
・Reading space beside the counters on the first to the third floors
Learning Common area(Second Floor

*Do not use the PC other than in the permitted area because you may disturb others.
For the settings related to the information outlet and Wi-Fi, please refer to the support lounge on the fourth floor of Building B.

In case of poor functioning

Please ask the library staff nearby.
In case of any fault in the PCs for self-study and information consent, please refer to the support lounge on the fourth floor in Building B