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Mandai Memorial Library was established in April 2003 with the opening of Sagamihara campus. The library is located in the central building of the campus, Media Center Building B First Floor to Third Floor.
The library takes on the responsibility for education and study support services with other divisions such as Languages and Information Study.
Spacious reading rooms are available on each floor with a centralized drafty hall. The library offers a quiet atmosphere with a view of the greenery of the campus from wide windows.
The library also adopts a new style with the automated book transportation system with the interlocked OPAC terminals, which enables effective book storage and distribution in the basement stack room.
Mandai Memorial Library inherits its name from the name of a library established on Atsugi campus in 1982 with contribution of Mr. Junshiro Mandai, who was a graduate of and served as the director of the university.

Facilities and books to hold in 2021

Total area(m2) 6,189
Reading area(m2) 4,304
Number of seats 976
Number of books held 747,346
Number of books in open stack shelves 149,233


Library Collection

Sugi Library

Collection of Mr. Toshio Sugi, Emeritus professor of Tokyo University
Holds mainly Japanese books, around 5,000 books
Mandai Memorial Library on Atsugi campus purchased the collection in 1983.
Mostly French literature including Japanese literature and overseas literatures

Main content:
  • “Futugo Meiyou” by Hidetoshi Murakami First edition 1872
  • Signed thesis, first edition, and limited numbered books by Yutaka Tatsuno, and Kazuo Watanabe
  • Translation of books difficult to obtain
  • Signed books by Japanese authors (Shusaku Endo, Kenzaburo Ooe, Jiro Osaragi,, Mitsuo Nakamura, Shigeharu Nakano, Yaeko Nogami, Yukio Mishima and Kei Wakasugi)


Valuable books are kept in the valuable stack room in the university library bibliography “Atsugi no takara, Sugi Toshio zousho” by Shinobu Nakajyo