Aoyama Gakuin University Library & Women’s Junior College Library

User guide

To the Junior College Members

Eligibility for access

The college teaching staffs, the Aoyama Gakuin school teaching staffs, the current students, the graduates, and persons permitted by the director of the library.

Open hours

Monday –Friday (day of class) 8:30-19:00
            (day on no classes) 9:30-16:30
Saturday 9:30-12:30

Days Closed

Sundays,Public holidays,The foundation day (November 16),Christmas (December 25),
Designated days during long holidays
Refer to Library Calendar

Loan limits

Type of patrons Number of items Duration
Full-time college teaching staff and emeritus professor 20items 2months
Retired teaching staffs
Casual teaching staffs
The Women’s Junior College students and graduates 5items 2weeks
Graduate school students (including research students)
University students

**For library use by college graduates, refer to ->here
**University graduates can be granted readers privileges and copy service but not eligible to use AV resources.
※Loan limit changes during long holidays.
 Please refer to the news on the homepage or the notice board in the campus.


1.Check out

Most shelves are open stack style so that you can easily access and search for books.
Present your student ID card when you apply for check-out.
Some materials are not permitted to have check-out such as reference books, journals and valuable books. Please ask the counter if you are not sure.

1-2. Special check-out

This service is available to the college students. You can borrow five extra items for four weeks on top of the usual check out, only when you need to utilize the resources for report or class exercise.

How to apply for the special check-out card:
-Submit the application form with a seal from your teaching staff.
-You can use the card at the college Library Counter for the library resources.

1-3. Close stack materials

You need to apply at the counter to borrow or view them. It will take 30 minutes to hand them over to you because the stack room is located outside, so that some case may not be available to get your materials within the day you make application.

Please check timing to receive:
    Apply till 16:30-> Available on the day
    Apply after 16:30-> Available next day
    Accept the application only, available on Monday


You must return borrowed items by their due date.
The book post next to the first floor entrance is available when the library is closed.
Failure to return by the due date will incur a penalty. Please realize that your borrowing privileges will be suspended on the same day as you keep a book beyond its due date.
** College students who have overdue of more than 30 days will be alerted on the board with information of their grade, name, status, due date, and number of overdue books.


You must apply for renewal before your due date via My Library. One renewal allows for an extension of two weeks from the date of renewal. Renewal is allowed up to five times.

4.Place on hold

You can place a book that is currently on loan on hold.
You can place a book on hold via AUROA-APAC in My Library.
When your requested item returns, you will be notified by e-mail.

5.Material-order to Mandai Memorial Library

You can order materials at the Mandai Memorial Library of AGU Sagamihara campus.
Please apply via AUROA-OPAC in the same way as you would for placing a hold on items.
**Arrival expectations
    Application in the morning (a.m.) -> around 5.p.m. on the same day
    Application in the afternoon (p.m.) -> around 5.p.m. on the next day
    Application on Friday afternoon (p.m.) or Saturday -> around 5.p.m. on the next Monday

6.Inter library loan

Inter-library loan from other universities is available for materials not in college.
Borrower must cover the cost.
Reading privileges
For further details, enquire at the counter.

7.Notice about copying

Library materials can be copied only in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act.
Copying personal notebooks or books is not permitted.
Photocopiers are available beside the first floor PC corner, which is respective coin operated type and IC card type. Fill the form for copying.

8.Expected purchase

You can apply for a purchase request via My Library or fill the form at the browsing corner.
The library will consider the request.
When the purchase is processed, you will be notified by e-mail.


The Reference Counter assists by providing guidance for search materials, issuance of introduction letter, and application form for photocopy.
The counter also provides learning support. Please feel free to seek assistance.


The content and schedule can be arranged according to your needs at any time.
Please enquire at the Support Counter.

11.New arrival books

New arrival books are displayed in the new arrival shelf at the library entrance. Please ask at the counter if you want to read or borrow them. You can check for new arrivals in the new arrival book page on the library service via AURORA-OPAC. You can refer to the list of new arrivals for the last one month.


Library Rules

The library is a public space for studying and researching.
Please follow the rules as follows:

*Remain quiet

    Many people are studying and reading books.
    Please be careful that speaking loudly or making noise may disturb others.
Please put your mobile phone on silent mode and use it outside.
*Eating and drinking prohibited
*Please do not leave your belongings when you leave your seat.
 -> Keeping your belongings in seats will disturb others.
 -> You are responsible for your valuables.
*Value the library resources
 -> The library materials are for everyone. Handle them carefully.
->You will be penalized if you damage materials.
*Taking materials outside the library without permission is prohibited
-> If you need to take materials out, please apply for check-out