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The Oak collection

This is a personal collection of the owner of Oak Book Sellers (Importer of picture books) who work with picture books and children’s literature in England and the U.S.A.

The collection consists some important items, such as the first edition of the so-called the classics of children’s literature or books signed by authors among the total 270 items. The collection also has chapbooks referred to as the origin of children’s books; the Mother Goose; different types of toy books, and books with rare devices such as popups, peeping holes, and folding books.

Please apply at the counter when you view the collection.

The projection of Japan in the last days in Tokugawa and Meiji by perspective of foreigners

The library has been collecting materials on this theme. The new items are displayed in the library.

Please apply at the counter to view them.

First edition books of hymn

This is a collection of the first edition books published from the late 1800s to early 1900s in England and the U.S.A. The collection consists of a total of 158 books and is stored in the stack room in the basement.

The Narasaki collection

The Narasaki collection was set up in April 1990, to commemorate the establishment of the art faculty in this college. The collection was opened to the public after contributions by Mr. Muneshige Narasaki, who was once a leading researcher of Ukiyoe art and also a full-time teaching staff member of the University. The collection consists of 2,420 books, brochures, lists of auction, journals, and bulletins, mainly related to the Ukiyoe art.