Aoyama Gakuin University Library & Women’s Junior College Library

Junior College


Women’s Junior College Library works to collect appropriate resources for the college departments. Substantial resources related to humanities and child education are available.

The library building consists of two floors and three basements and the students can access the stack room freely.

The library offers a comfortable study environment with a bright reading room, natural light, and a display of oil paintings and sculptures.

In terms of internal facilities, an independent AV booth and AV room with 30 seats are available for watching and listening to the abundant AV resources in this library.


Facilities and Books held (2018 April to the present)

  Women’s Junior College (Aoyama Campus)
Gross area 3,251m2
Reading seats 329 seats
Books held 330,000 books
Auditory resources 10,000 items
Journals/Bulletin 2,200 tittles