Aoyama Gakuin University Library & Women’s Junior College Library


Floor Plan

Third Floor(3F) [Floor Plan]

General books(Japanese books-the Humanities)
 000 General works
   (Information Science, Library, Bibliography, Complete work/Library)
 100 Philosophy(Philosophy, Psychology, Ethics, Religion)
 200 History(History, Biography, Geography)
 800 Languages
 900 Literature
 700 Arts(Art, Music, Drama, Movie, Sports)

 ◆Reading space
 ◆Group reading room (A/B) 2 rooms
 ◆Laptop/Electronic Calculator room(No Internet connection)

Second Floor(2F) [Floor Plan]

Generals books(Japanese books-Social Sciences/Natural Sciences)
 300 Social Sciences
   (Politics, Law, Economics, Finance, Statistics, Sociology,
    Education, Folklore, Ethnology, National Defense)
 400 Natural Sciences
   (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geoscience, Biology, Medicine)
 500 Engineering, Technology
   (Industrials, Architecture, Machine Engineering,
    Electrical Engineering, Home Economics)
 600 Industry(Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery, Commerce,
    Transportation, Communication)

 ◆Reading space
 ◆Corners for materials for short term storage
  (Books for civil servant examinations etc.)
 ◆Books for teaching (books for primary schools and high schools year 7-9)
 ◆Corner for old maps and historical maps

First Floor(1F) [Floor Plan]

Reference Books Reading privileges only
 Dictionaries of Japanese and western languages, Bibliography, Catalog, Map
Serial publications Reading privileges only
 Latest magazines for Japanese and overseas magazines, White Papers, Year Books
Newspapers Reading privileges only
 Latest News Papers, Bound Periodicals(Archives for the last 3 years)

 ◆Reading space
 ◆Circulation counter
  (Borrowing, Return, Renewal, Hold, Apply for Library Membership Card)
 ◆Reference counter
 ◆Corner for Information Search
 (OPAC, PCs for Educational Study, CD/DVD-ROM database,Print Station,
      PC for the NDL Digital Collections)
 ◆Reserved Books Reading privileges for Reserved Books
 (Assigned Books, CNN(TV))
 ◆Multimedia room(Information outlet, CNN broadcasting)
 ◆Exhibition case
 ◆New arrivals corner
 ◆Recycling books corner

Basement [Floor Plan]

Generals(Foreign Books)
 000 Generalities
 100 Philosophy & Psychology
 200 Religion
 300 Social Science
 400 Languages
 500 Natural science & mathematics
 600 Technology
 700 The Arts
 800 Literature
 900 Geography & History

Serial publications Reading privileges only
 Previous issues of Japanese and western journals, Proceedings of the Aoyama Gakuin,
 Law reports, Music score, Addition & removal type publications

 ◆Reading space   
 ◆Corner for Information search(OPAC, PC for educational research, Print Station)
 ◆Compact stack shelves(bulletin of other universities)
 ◆The new stack room

Closed stack room(New stack room)

The university staffs and graduates students are eligible to access the room.
Hold ID to the card reader at the entrance.
Others can apply for books at the counter. Library staff will access the books for you.

 Japanese books 
 Western books 
 Serial publications  Reading privileges only
  Previous issues of Japanese Magazines and western magazines
 Newspapers Reading privileges only
 Materials in microfilms Reading privileges only
 Maps Reading privileges only

  ◆Compact stack shelves
   (Newspapers bound periodicals(Archives for the last ten years))

Closed stack shelf(the old stack room)
Users are not allowed to enter the room. Please apply expected books at the counter.
Library staff will access the book for you.
 Japanese books
 Books and journals in Chinese and Korean
 Master thesis and Doctoral thesis Reading privileges only