Bibliobattle at Mandai Memorial Library was held on 8th October, 2022

On Saturday, 8th October 2022, an exciting book-vs-book contest, “Bibliobattle at Mandai Memorial Library”, was held successfully at Sagamihara Campus Festival. We have held this annual event for the ninth time, and this is the first time we have held the game on hybrid – a blend of online and on-campus watching.
We set the screen for viewing on the first floor of Mandai Memorial Library while preparing a digital environment for the battle.

*You can find more details about Bibliobattle on the official website by Committee of Bibliobattle.

Five battlers passionately presented their favourite books in front of a large audience through the screen, making it a fun game.
The audience, both digitally and on campus in the library, enjoyed listening to the presentations, discussing, and then voting for “Champion Book of the Day”, a book they wanted to read most.

Furthermore, we are very proud of our Library Supporters’ contributions. They played essential roles in this Bibliobattle: some hosted the battle digitally, some conducted the audience on the first floor of the library, some set up and cleaned up the site on the floor, and some made posters promoting this event.

You can watch the video of these presentations on the Bibliobattle by clicking on each book title.

= Champion Book of the Day (“Champ-bon” in Japanese)

 1.  Mizuki Tsujimura, “Yami-hara“,
  presented by Chisato Saito (4th year: Department of Economics / Tohoku Gakuin University)

 2.  Mone Kamishiraishi, “Iro-iro“,
  presented by Hinako Numazaki (4th year: Department of French Language and Literature / Aoyama Gakuin University)

 3.  Hiroaki Iwaki, “Jiko Bukken Nanoka-kan Kanshi Report“,
  presented by Hoang Do Minh Dien (1st year: Department of English / Aoyama Gakuin University)

 4.  Kouji Yanagi, “Joker Game“,
   presented by Mizuki Irikura (2nd year: Department of Japanese Language and Literature / Aoyama Gakuin University)

5.  Takayoshi Honda, “dele“,
   presented by Mei Otsu (3rd year: Department of Japanese Literature and Culture / Senshu University)


Ms Otsu will have a chance to battle in the finals of the regional tournament at “All-Japan University Bibliobattle 2022”. Good luck to you! We are all rooting for you.