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Title/No. Issued date Main contents PDF Download
AGULI+s eng17 2022-07-05 Library Summer Schedule /Special Loan for Exam-term & Summer /Mandai Memorial Library Supporter Starts!/Open Sunday AGULI+s_eng17(2022.7発行)
AGULI+s eng16 2022-04-15 Welcome to Mandai Memorial Library/Library Rules/Sagamihara Academic Writing Center/Information AGULI+s_eng16(2022.4発行)


Title/No. Issued date Main contents PDF Download
AGULI+s eng15 2021.12.07 Special Loan Conditions / Open on Sundays of January / Library Schedule / FAQ AGULI+s_eng15(2021.12発行)
AGULI+s eng14 2021.07.06 +Library Summer Schedule / Open Sunday / Special Long term Loan for Summer / How to borrow books, How to return books AGULI+s_eng14(2021.7発行)
AGULI+s eng13 2021.04.07 Welcome to Mandai Memorial Library/Sagamihara Academic Writing Center/Please Keep Library Books Dry/How to see the OPAC results AGULI+s_eng13(2021.4発行)


Title/No. Issued date Main contents PDF Download
AGULI+s eng12 2020.12.16 Special Loan Conditions/Winter Break/Library Schedule AGULI+s_eng12(2020.Dec)
AGULI+s eng11 2020.10.01 the Limited Opening/Library Information AGULI+s_eng11(2020.Dec)


Title/No. Issued date Main contents PDF Download
AGULI+s eng10 2019.12.16 Special Loan Conditions/Library Schedule/Open on Sundays of January etc. AGULI+s_eng10(2019.Dec)
AGULI+s eng9 2019.7.25 Library Summer Schedule/Special Long-term Loan for Summer/Using Other University Libraries AGULI+s_9(2019 July)
AGULI+s_eng8 2019-06-14 Sagamihara Academic Writing Center / Please Keep Library Books Dry / Library Information AGULI+s_eng8(2019.6発行)


Title/No. Issued date Main contents PDF Download
AGULI+s_eng7 2018-12-04 Library Schedule / FAQ AGULI+s_eng7(2018.12).pdf
AGULI+s_en6 2018-07-14 Library Summer Schedule / Special Long-term Loan for Summer AGULI+s_eng6(2018.July).pdf
AGULI+s_28 2018-07-14 開館日程/夏休み貸出/他大学図書館の利用 など AGULI+s_28(2018.7発行).pdf
AGULI+s_en5 (in English) 2018-06-15 Sagamihara Academic Writing Center / Library Informations etc. AGULI+s_eng5(2018.6).pdf
AGULI+s_27 (in Japanese) 2018-06-15 相模原アカデミックライティングセンター/水濡れ注意/お知らせ AGULI+s_27(2018.6).pdf